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Welcome to NHibernate Criteria Builder

NHibernate Criteria Builder is a business layer over NHibernate mapping classes enabling business way of database querying. The library goal is to query the database as close to business needs as possible: focusing mainly on "what data should be retrieved" instead of "how".

You can use this library for:

  1. Querying the database in business way
  2. Make NHibernate Criteria easy-refactorable
  3. Separate restriction logic from query

Tutorial I: Querying the database with NHCB:
Database schema example
The idea of Recorders
Simple queries
One-to-many queries
Many-to-many queries
Mixed queries

Tutorial II: Advanced topics:
Refactorable NHibernate Criteria
Recorders autogeneration (Reverse engineering with CodeEngineer)
How to separate restrictions logic from the query?

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